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How can I keep the Sure Step applicator roller from drying out between coats?


Jerry Cox asked:

I’m about to apply Sure Step to my Aurora prepared deck. Do I roll the entire non-slip deck, then buff, or do sections? If the latter how do I keep the solution/roller from drying out as I buff each section?


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The decision to apply Sure Step to one section at a time and then buff it out or do the whole deck and then buff depends on the size of your boat, the ambient temperature and humidity. The warmer and drier that the weather is, the faster it will dry.

The ideal time to buff it is as soon as it dries. That’s the indication that the Sure Step is starting to cure and bond to the gelcoat. Beyond that point, the longer you leave it on, the harder it will be to buff out. So, the answer is to apply it until the beginning point starts to dry, then stop and buff out that section and repeat on the next section until all the decks are done.

In some cases, it’s more convenient to do sections at a time. For example: you can do the foredeck first, next the walk around, then the cockpit floor and then the swim platform.

If you get through with one section but the Sure Step is not quite dry yet, that could be an indication of higher humidity or cooler temperature, or a small section that you’re applying it to. You can either wait for it to dry, regardless of how long, or if it’s been on for more than 20 minutes, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the excess off the surface and then proceed to buff.

As far as keeping the applicator roller from drying out, put it in a sealed plastic bag or wrap it in a plastic grocery bag. That will keep the Sure Step moist until you do the next section or when you apply the 2nd coat a day or two later.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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