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Restoring My Aluminum Boat – Where Do I Begin?


Jason Carey asked:

I have a aluminum Willie Drift Boat that has oxidized scuffs/marks all along the entire surface of the boat. What do you recommend I use to restore it to its original condition?


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Use Aurora Algex to remove algae, barnacles and zebra mussels. It won’t damage aluminum casings or remove paint. You can also use Aurora Algex to clean marine growth from outboards & sterndrives.

To clean and brighten exposed metal surfaces use Aurora Alumabrite CBX. It is a concentrate, so you will have to cut it about 1:12 with water. Apply it with a garden sprayer. I suggest inverting the boat so that you don’t get overspray onto the inside of the boat and protect the painted bottom as the Alumabrite may damage the paint.

If you want an even brighter finish, you can polish it to a chrome like finish with Aurora Boat Scrub, either by hand or with a buffer. This will also get the scuff marks out.

Afterwards, protect topsides with Premium Boat Shine and your boat bottom with VS721 Bottom Coat to maintain the shiny finish.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

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