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Removing Yellow Stains from Deck


I bought a ’99 Sea Swirl 17.6 foot runabout. It is real clean except for some “yellowish” color that is on the fiberglass at the upper peaks and contours, wherever there is a bend in the contour like over the seats, around the bow, along the back by the engine compartment. I suspect that it was left in some rather inclimate weather or that the boat may have been submerged and the stains are a result of some real dirty water. Do you have a product that will clean it?


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Hi Wayne,

Yours is a pretty common problem. It could be caused by a reaction to something in the atmosphere or from using wax. Waxes are made with Carnauba, which tends to react with the sun and transfer the yellow stain to the gelcoat.

The solution, recommended by major boat builders, is to mix a 1/3 to 2/3 solution of Aurora Boat Clean Plus and Aurora Boat Scrub and use an old terry towel and just rub away the yellowing. That’s how their dealers do it.

While you’re at it you may want to do the entire boat, as this will also get rid of any residue wax and oxidation or chalking. When you’re through, the boat should shine like new.

To protect and shine the surface, I recommend that you apply a couple of coats of Aurora Premium Boat Shine. It’s a synthetic polish. It will shine your boat, seal the surface so that water will bead up, but won’t yellow and won’t be greasy like waxes. It will also protect your boat longer and better, resist dust and dirt from sticking and be less susceptible to Black Streaks.

Captain Aurora

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