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Removing Hard Water Spots from Isinglass


Dennis Weeks asked:

I’ve been testing your CLEAR VIEW on our Gemini catamaran and have a question. I understand that the windows will need an occasional re-application but what can I do about water spots? After washing our boat we find we need to start the process all over. Got any ideas?


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If you’re getting water spots it’s because you are using hard water to wash your boat. Hard water contains various amounts of minerals, primarily Calcium and Magnesium. Some water is harder or contains more minerals than others and may contain many different minerals as well. It is these minerals that remain after the water has evaporated to leave the spots.

Using soft water to wash your boat will eliminate this problem. If this is not an option, use a BOAT CHAMOIS to dry the window and the rest of your boat after washing and before the water evaporates. That will eliminate the spots.

You do not have to start the process all over again but periodically apply CLEAR VIEW NO.2 to the Isinglass and give it a light buffing with a soft cloth.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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