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Removing Diesel Soot from Hypalon Dinghy


Les Levy asked:

Do you have a product that REALLY works to remove diesel soot from my hypalon dinghy


For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.

Here are the products you will need for this project:


The product you want to clean up the diesel soot from your hypalon dinghy the first time is Speed Clean. It will deep clean and deoxidize the fabric and if your dinghy is a RIB, can also be used to clean and polish the fiberglass hull, inside and out. It will also remove scuff marks, other dirt and superficial stains. It’s specially made for tough cleaning and restoration of all inflatable surfaces. To make cleaning easier and faster use a Marine Power Mitt with the Speed Clean.

Once you have it cleaned apply two coats of Poly Guard to the tube to seal and protect the fabric. The protective coating is not greasy or oily and will help to reduce the attachment of diesel soot, dirt and scuff marks and make the boat easier to clean. It will also help protect the fabric against chalking and fading from the sun. It’s easy to apply and two coats will last for months, even in the Florida sun.

I recommend that you protect the fiberglass hull, if your boat is a RIB, and bottom of the tubes with Repelin. Repelin is a clear, biocide free, anti-fouling coat that seals the pores in the fiberglass, prevents attachment of marine growth when the boat is in the water and gives the bottom of the boat an extra layer of protection against the attachment of diesel soot. You will find that the bottom will be much easier to keep clean. Even salt won’t stick to it and can easily be rinsed off.

After the boat is protected, ongoing maintenance will be simplified. Diesel soot is very tenacious and tends to smear around, but it won’t penetrate the Repelin and Poly Guard so it can be easily removed. The procedure is to rinse the boat with water, spray a bit of Boat Clean Plus on it, give it a quick wash with a sponge and rinse it clean. Boat Clean Plus is a water activated, environment safe, cleaner and degreaser that quickly penetrates and lifts the greasy diesel soot as well as other dirt and soil, making it easy to rinse clean. Al though it’s a very tough cleaner, it’s gentle on all marine surfaces. When diluted with water this way, it won’t remove the Repelin or Poly Guard.

Do these products REALLY work? They are 100% guaranteed to perform as we claim, or your money back. They are recommended by most major inflatable boat manufacturers.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora

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