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Removing Barnacles from the Transducer Lens


Robert Garozzo asked:

How do you clean a transducer lens that is filled with barnacles?



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There are many types and makes of transducers, in different shapes, made of different materials. There are also many different types, size and age of barnacles and they also differ depending on which body of water they grew in. Without more detail, I can only offer a general answer.

I suggest using Aurora Algex. Spray it on and let it work for about 1/2 hour. It will soften the barnacles so that they can be easily scrapped off. If the growth is heavy, you may need several applications. Use a plastic or wooden scraper so that you do not damage the transducer. When you have the barnacle shells off, re-spray the transducer with Algex and wait while it dissolves and softens the adhesive rings (barnacle rings). Scrape or brush these off. Re-apply until clean.

You may be successful in one or two applications or it could take 6 or 8, depending on the barnacles and the transducer material.

When through, wash the transducer, using a brush and a solution of Boat Clean Plus and water in a 1:4 dilution to remove all traces of the Algex and clean the transducer. Then apply two coats of VS721 Bottom Coat to help protect the transducer from future fouling and make it easier to clean.


Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

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