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Remove Diesel Soot on Stern of Fiberglass Boat


Ryan Dorsheimer asked:

So the boat clean plus is ok to use on top of boat shine to remove diesel smoke from stern? This will not remove the boat shine?

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Hi Ryan,

Yes, you can use Boat Clean Plus to remove diesel soot without removing Premium Boat Shine. Boat Clean Plus is a powerful cleaner that can be used for light, medium and heavy cleaning. It’s water activated and its strength is controlled by water dilution that’s why we recommend wetting the surface first.

Recommended Procedure:

How to Remove Diesel Soot from the Stern of your Fiberglass Boat:

1. First, wet the surface with water.
2. Spray Boat Clean Plus onto the surface to be cleaned.
3. Agitate the area with a soft brush or sponge until the soot has been loosened up.
4. Rinse clean.

If the soot has been left on for long periods of time and is not removed with Boat Clean Plus, use Boat Scrub to strip it away. Boat Scrub will also remove Premium Boat Shine so the area will have to be re-polished. Afterwards, cleaning with Boat Clean Plus, as above, should be adequate. If soot deposition is severe, then you may have to apply VS721 to the area to prevent penetration into the gelcoat.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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