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Recommendation for Anti-Blistering / Fouling Protect


Chris Larocque asked:

Hi: I live in Ontario Canada, and dock my boat for the season in a very dirty creek that has high amounts of organic material, and not only stains the hull, but builds up algae and related material. I am looking for a product that will protect my boat 100% (if possible) but I really don’t want to have to use antifouling products, which reduces the value of my boat, and is a pain if I ever wanted to remove all of it. Can you offer any products (new?) that can take the place of antifouling paint, and is very effective to protect my boat? I don’t have a boat lift (not yet anyway). I did some research and found VS721, and Dragon fire,any input would be greatly appreciated…thanks Chris


For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.

I’m guessing that you have a fiberglass boat and that by organic material you have algae and tannin. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

VS721 is used on both power fiberglass and aluminum boats, whereas is a performance enhancement product for racing sailboats. I think the product that you want is VS721. It will seal the pores in the fiberglass to prevent osmosis blisters and make marine fouling more difficult to attach. If you wipe off the slime as it starts to build up, your bottom will stay clean of antifouling. If you allow the boat to remain stationary and un wiped for long periods of time, it will foul up, but you would have the same issue with modern day anti-fouling paint.

As far as staining, tannin will stain everything, stainless steel, porcelain, fiberglass/gelcoat, anti-fouling paint and even VS721. The benefit of using VS721 is that it is a sacrificial coating and when it’s stripped at the end of the season or beginning of the next, the stain goes with it and does not damage the gelcoat. Tannin is caused by rotting vegetation such as trees, farm crops, etc. If there is industry further upstream, you may also have chemical staining.

The products that you will need are as follows:
If you have marine growth, use Green Genie to remove it.
If you have staining on the hull, use Waterline Stain Remover to get it out.
Next, scrub the bottom with Boat Scrub and a Marine Power Mitt, to deep clean it and remove traces of oxidation, scuffs and other stains that the bottom cleaners did not remove.
Finally, apply 2 coats of VS721.

Other benefits of a VS721 protected hull are: you will get better performance, reduce fuel consumption and the boat will be easier to haul and launch off a trailer, plus it will be much easier to keep clean.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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