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Protect Aluminum WakeBoard Tower with Alumetron


Josh Gandee Asked:

I recently purchased Alumetron to protect my Aluminum wakeboard tower. The aluminum has been polished and fully buffed to bring out a mirror clean finish. Do I need to further clean the Aluminum before applying Alumetron? If the finish needs to be further cleaned, can Acetone or something similar be used? I ordered the Alumetron by mail and do not have immediate access to Boat clean plus.

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Hi Josh,

Alumetron is more than a surface coating. It bonds chemically to the aluminum, that’s why it’s so durable.

For it to bond, the aluminum must be clean and dry and free of grease, oil, wax, silicone and other pollutants. Most rubbing compounds and metal polishes have a wax/silicone type of base to hold and suspend the abrasive or grit. You need to get the wax or silicone base off the surface for the Alumetron to adhere. The reason we recommend Alumabuff is that it’s water based and is easier to clean from the surface.

I suggest that you try cleaning it thoroughly with lacquer thinners 1st, followed by a thorough cleaning with free rinsing Boat Clean Plus or if you don’t have any of that, with isopropanol alcohol, followed with distilled water. Make sure that the water sheets on the surface. Any beading indicates that you still have on oily or waxy residue and more cleaning is required.

Once the aluminum is completely clean, you can then apply the Alumetron by wiping it on and allowing it to dry. Apply 4 thin coats for maximum durability.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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