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Should I use a Polish or Wax for my Aluminum Boat?


Kyle ​asked:

Can you recommend a polish or wax for a painted aluminum boat. Thanks!


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Hi Kyle,

Kwik Shine is recommended for hard painted surfaces on boats. Most boat paints are either urethane or epoxy based and Kwik Shine works well to protect and shine these surfaces without causing blistering, fish eyes, or other problems that other waxes or polishes can cause.

Kwik Shine will give painted surfaces a hard, anti-static, mirror finish that is easy to maintain. Because it’s not greasy like wax it will not attract and hold dust, pollutants and dirt and it provides excellent protection against UV and sun fading.

Kwik Shine also remove light oxidation and restore faded paint. It’s an excellent cleaner as well; It will remove scuffs, bug splatter, road film, road salt, sea salt, bird droppings, greasy or oily pollutants, exhaust smut, fish and bait residue and other soil and grime associated with boats.

It’s easy to use; just spray Kwik Shine onto the surface, rub away any dirt, grime or oxidation and when it dries to a haze, wipe away the haze to reveal a mirror finish shine. We recommend protecting adjacent surfaces such as carpets, upholstery, etc., against overspray, but it can also be used on see through plastics, anodized aluminum, stainless steel.

Kwik Shine is also recommended for use on outboard engine cowlings, lower legs and propellers. It contains Salt Busters, so it’s popular for removing salt residue from propellers used in salt water.

It can be used repetitively for regular maintenance and UV protection, without fear of ugly build up. If you don’t have access to running water to wash your boat first, Kwik Shine can be used as a Waterless Boat Wash. It will clean, protect and shine in one application.

Kwik Shine is a wonderful, easy to use product for boats and I think that you’ll love it. Many dealers use it to quickly shine up used boats for resale. They also use it in their show rooms and at boat shows since it does not require running water, repels dust, doesn’t show finger prints and adds that extra degree of bling to showcase the boats they are selling.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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