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Polish and Wax My New Boat


Steve asked:

Can I put wax over the polish on my new boat?

I have a new boat in fresh water in WI and am thinking about putting on your polish first and then followed by a couple coats of wax. Is there any issue with doing this?


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I don’t know why you would want to do this. Essentially you would be trying to protect a superior product with an inferior one, with detrimental side effects. On a technical basis, boat waxes contain solvents so depending on how aggressive they are they can deteriorate the Premium Boat Shine.

Many boat manufacturers now recommend that you do not wax their boats with Carnauba Wax based products, which most boat waxes are made of. The reasons are; when infrared heat from the sun melts the wax on your boat it releases the natural dyes which causes yellowing of the gelcoat. In addition this melting makes the surface greasy or oily, which attracts and holds dust, dirt and pollution against the surface which can result in a streaky appearance. You can find more information about the yellowing effect here: https://www.auroramarine.com/aurora/catalog/carnauba/waxtest.htm

Premium Boat Shine contains synthetic waxes, which do not yellow. It also gives you a diamond hard, anti static shine which resists attachment of dust, dirt and pollution and stands up better to black streaks. Premium Boat Shine has a better bond to the surface so it lasts longer and the UV inhibitors protect your boat against chalking and fading from the sun. I recommend 2 coats of Premium Boat Shine and forget the wax. It will give you better protection than 4 coats of wax and last twice as long.

The new formula now contains the VS721 polymer for even greater durability. Two coats on the hull will last up to a full year, even in Florida sunshine.

It’s also much easier and faster to apply. It’s self polishing so it uses chemistry to bring out the shine rather than muscle power. No buffing with a heavy polishing machine is required. Just wipe it on with a sponge and wipe off the haze to reveal a mirror finish. Of course, if you already own a buffing machine and want to get some use out of it, you can go over the final coat with it. Be sure to use a new, clean, lambs wool pad so you don’t scratch the finish. Many detailers do this to justify their bill, especially if the client is watching.

Aurora Boat Care Products are System Matched and the key to any successful finish is preparation. On a brand new boat, wash it well with a 1:4 solution of Boat Clean Plus and water before applying the Premium Boat Shine. After the boat has aged for a season, wash first with Boat Clean Plus followed by a deep cleaning with Boat Scrub. This will remove all traces of dirt, pollution and any oxidized polish, resulting in an Aurora Clean finish. All matter on the planet will oxidize over time and this gets it off. Then, protect and shine it with two coats of Premium Boat Shine. If you detail your boat in this manner twice a year, spring and fall, your boat will look new 30 years from now.

All three products, plus a Marine Power Mitt, are contained in our Shiny Boat Kit.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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