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Painting TeeTop


Edward G. Gilbert asked:
I want to paint my TeeTop. Someone suggested prepping with 3M Pad/Vinegar, wash clean, apply Alumetron, then paint with water base paint, the apply Alumetron.

Will this work?

Hi Edward,

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Using Alumetron as a primer and protective overcoat for the paint is correct but you need a different procedure for prepping the surface. It’s important that all corrosion, pitting are removed or stabilized and that the surface is clean and pollutant free, otherwise the Alumetron coating will delaminate, either shortly after application or over time.

If you have heavy corrosion or pitting, you may have to wet sand the TTop frame first. If it’s not too bad, then clean it first with marine grade Alumabrite CBX. Wash it first with Boat Clean Plus, cleaner degrease, to remove any pollutants that may hinder the Alumabrite CBX from doing its job and then clean with Alumabrite CBX to remove oxidation and passivate the metal. This will also penetrate deeply into the pits and voids around the welding to ensure that there is no remaining corrosion to hinder proper adhesion of the Alumetron. When you’re through, wash it again with Boat Clean Plus and rinse well with water.

Now you can apply the Alumetron, following the directions on the bottle. Allow it to fully cure for a minimum of 96 hours before painting and then allow the paint to cure for a minimum of 96 hours before applying the Alumetron top coat. This is important so that you don’t trap any moisture in the coatings as that will impact the adhesion.

Here’s a testimonial, with pictures showing the success that Tom had restoring his radar arch: https://www.auroramarine.com/aurora/gallery/gallery-aluminum-tower.php
Would love to see pictures of your project.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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