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MC number removal from Hypalon boat


James Monthei asked:

I have a 1990 red Achilles Gt-10. I would like to remove the old painted on(black) MC numbers. I do not want to damage the boat. What’s the best approach? I intend to re-install a glue on plate for numbers and registration. Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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Given the age of the boat, the color will have faded from the sun. When you remove the numbers, the difference in color will be apparent. I suggest that, if you can, glue the plate or a Hypalon patch over the existing numbers. Your boat will look great and the numbers will look intentional instead of a change, gone bad.

After, clean and restore the tube with Speed Clean and protect it with Poly Guard and your boat should look new again.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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