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Maintaining Poliglow or other deck surfaces?


Ernie Bivona asked:

I have been using Poly Glow for years and have not been able to get the results published in it. The hull does get gray and the stern does get dirty from the exhaust.


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Poly glow is not maintenance free. If you don’t constantly keep it up it will degrade, but this is true of most materials. If you decide to go away from Poly Glow, you must strip it completely before applying something else otherwise you will have a mess on your hands. Another cautionary note; Poly Glow requires you to scuff the surface prior to application. When you strip it you may have to remedy the damage either by compounding or wet sanding and then compounding, providing you have enough gelcoat left. If the damage is too extensive then you will have to paint or re-gelcoat the finish.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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