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Is VS721 compatible with polyethylene hulls?


Jeff tkacs asked:

Is VS721 compatible with a new West Marine Water tender polyethylene hull? Most anti fouling paints are not compatible with this plastic hull.




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Yes, you can use VS721 on polyethylene. To prep the surface, scrub it first with Boat Scrub, rinse clean and allow to dry. You may wish to use a Marine Power Mitt for the prep portion as it will cut your labor in ½. If you plan to leave your tender in the water, you may see slime developing on the bottom. If you wipe the slime off, from time to time as it develops, with the Marine Power Mitt, the bottom will stay clean.

VS721 is clear and since it does not contain toxic biocides, it’s more environment friendly and if someone touches the bottom or is swimming around the boat and contacts the surface, it won’t harm them in any way. It will also improve the performance of you boat.


Thanks for your question,


Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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