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Is VS721 a Substitute for Antifouling Paint?


Lane asked:

I’m really amazed at the description of VS721. Can it really be a substitute for antifouling paint for protection of the boat bottom from barnacles? I have my boat in North Carolina.

What is the recommended application rate per square foot?




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Some boat owners have had great results in your area, others were disappointed. It all depends on how you use your boat and your expectations. If you leave your boat in the water constantly and do not use it regularly, then VS721 is not for you. Under these conditions, you may have problems with highly toxic anti-fouling paint as well.

If you use your boat on a regular basis and have a way to wipe off the slime if it accumulates, it will work well for you. Once slime forms (food for higher life forms) then you will get algae and barnacles attaching. A clean boat bottom is an inhospitable home for these critters.

VS721 works by reducing the surface friction on the hull, making it difficult for marine growth to attach. There are no biocides to kill surrounding marine life. Some added benefits are lower fuel consumption, higher speed, better acceleration and prevention of osmosis blisters.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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