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Is Sure Step still good after a year in storage?


Jim Loomis asked:

Last year I stripped the top deck of our fiberglas sail boat and put on two (2) coats of Sure Step in preparation for our sailing activities last summer. Due to complications, the boat never got to the water or outside. When our boat is not in the water, I store it in a fiberglas shed so it is completely enclosed from the weather. In preparation for doing some sailing this summer, is the Sure Step I previously applied, still good or do I need to do the whole process again? Thanks for your guidance.



I’m not sure what a “fiberglass shed” is. I’m assuming it’s a shed made of framework, covered with corrugated fiberglass panels that allow light, and UV, to pass through.

If there has been no light, then all you need to do is wash the deck with Boat Clean Plus and apply one coat of Sure Step and you’re ready to go.

If the sun and UV has been attacking the surface, then you need to strip it with Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub and re-apply 2 coats of Sure Step. It will be a lot easier and faster than the first time because the Sure Step that’s on will have protected the gelcoat from deterioration. What you need to do is remove the old, oxidized Sure Step so that the new will bond well to the surface. As you know, all things on the planet oxidize and deteriorate over time. In this case the Sure Step has acted as a sacrificial barrier and it will have deteriorated instead of the gelcoat on your boat.

Everything you need to apply Sure Step is contained in the Sure Step Deck Protect Kit.

Thanks for your question

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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