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Is Sure Step safe for running rigging?


Michael A Kraus asked:

Would it be wise/necessary to remove all of the running riggings before cleaning and protecting the deck of my sailboat? I will be using your PREMIUM SURE STEP DECK PROTECT KIT.


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Hi Michael,

It’s probably wise to remove all of the running riggings, but not necessary. The important thing is to prevent the Boat Scrub and Sure Step from getting onto the lines, blocks, cleats, etc. You can do this by lifting them out of the way and either being careful around the deck fittings or masking them off.

The other cleaner, Boat Clean Plus, is used for washing rigging lines and rope so it won’t present a problem unless it’s mixed with the Boat Scrub. Boat Clean Plus is excellent for safely flushing salt, sand, and dirt out of the lines. Boat Scrub and Sure Step will leave a white residue in the lines, which is hard to remove and can plug up and interfere with bearings and possibly the cleats as well.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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