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Is Odor Free the same as Head Chem?


I used to use Aurora stuff for boat septic tank until 1994 when I sold the boat. On your Internet site I find “Odor Free”. Is it the same stuff I was very, VERY satisfied with? Because It was not the first one I had tried. Now I am trying to find “Odor Free”. Is it possible that the stuff was named “Head Chem” formerly? Sure, the problem with this stuff is not the quality, it’s the price. For it’s very costly.

Many marine stores claim to have something very similar but I don’t believe them because they are often “full of sh…” My first question is: Is “Head Chem” the same as “Odor Free”?

My second question is: Do you intend to keep “Odor Free” or “Head Chem” Please answer as soon as possible.

Jean-Louis Lussier Boucherville,

For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.

Odor Free and Head Chem are the same product. Because of trademark difficulties in the US, we are gradually making the change to Odor Free. I know it will be confusing until the change over is complete.

Price is always a problem when you make a quality product. The better ingredients cost more and the better formulas require more ingredients.

The alternative is to cut quality and quantity and make a cheap product, but then it doesn’t work as well. As you obviously know from experience, the other products you tried are not as good, but they are cheaper. Head Chem / Odor Free has a reputation for being the best, most effective holding tank chemical in North America and possibly the World.

We have, however, heard from customers, that because of the tissue digesters built into Odor Free / Head Chem they can save enough money by using regular toilet tissue from home, instead of the expensive boat stuff, to pay for the Odor Free.

We are continuing to manufacture and market this product and eventually the name will be Odor Free in both Canada and the US. In the meantime, you can use either product with confidence.
Thanks for your question,


Captain Aurora

Richard Kittar

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