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Is it critical to wait 96 hours for Alumetron to cure before applying VS721?


Duane Dumesnil asked:

On a new pontoon boat, do I have to wait the full 96 hours before applying the VS721 after applying Alumatron? Alumetron says full cure time is 48 hours.

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Hi Duane,

The short answer is Yes! Alumetron is a water-based coating so the solvent in the product is water. This is what makes Alumetron more environment friendly than competitive products and what promotes the ability of Alumetron to bond chemically to the aluminum pontoon.

It’s imperative that the Alumetron be allowed to cure fully, which means allowing enough time to ensure that all of the water solvent has evaporated. Only then will the coating complete its chemical bond and become stable. This is one of the reasons that Alumetron can be used below the waterline and can last up to 10 years. The 96 hour window is presuming that the ambient temperature, when applying, is a minimum of 70°F and the relative humidity is 50% or lower. If the temperature is colder or the humidity is higher, I recommend even a longer cure time, just to be sure.

Applying VS721, or launching the boat into water, before the cure is complete will prevent the water evaporation, inhibit the bond, and result in delamination. I know that this is frustrating, especially when you have a new boat and are anxious to get it out on the water, but waiting an extra day or two is a small price to pay considering all the benefits you will receive, for years to come. If the Alumetron does not cure properly, you will be faced with the task of stripping it off, possibly restoring the finish on the pontoons, and then starting all over again. This will take much more time.

The Alumetron and VS721 combination will keep your pontoons looking new, will be much easier to maintain and can last up to 10 years, plus they will add considerable value to your boat. We’re so confident in these products that we even offer a 3 year factory warranty against failure; providing that they’re properly applied. No other clear coat for aluminum is warranted.

Please read and follow the instructions carefully. The cure time for Alumetron is 96 hours and the cure time for VS721 is 48 hours. Remember these products are designed to protect your pontoons against the marine environment, the toughest environment on the planet, for years. Don’t take shortcuts, give them a chance. You’ll be thankful in the long run.

Thanks for your question.

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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