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Is it better to use Alumetron or VS721 to protect my pontoons?


Brian Soldato asked:

Is it better to use ALUMETRON or VS721 for my pontoons?


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It’s best to use both. Alumetron protects the aluminum against corrosion, oxidation, staining etc. and VS721 gives added protection to the area below the waterline against fouling and the area above the waterline against UV, minor scuffing and soiling.

Alumetron comes with a 3 year warranty that is automatically increased to 5 years if you protect it with VS721.

Make sure that your pontoons are pristine prior to applying Alumetron. If you boat is new, wash the pontoons well with Boat Clean Plus and water and apply after they are dry. If it’s an older boat clean and restore the pontoons with AlgexAlumabrite CBX and Alumabuff as required.

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Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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