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How to remove heavy mineral build up on pontoons


Scott asked:

Hi, I have a pontoon boat that had been left in the water for years. It has a heavy mineral build up at the water line. What product do you have that will remove this?



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You can use Algex but it will probably take multiple applications and some scrubbing or scraping with a wooden or plastic scraper to get it off. When using Algex, it’s important not to let it evaporate. Spray it on and cover with plastic to give it maximum time to penetrate. Try to keep it on the marine growth only and not on the bare aluminum for prolonged periods of time. When used properly, Algex will not eat holes in the aluminum or turn it black like other bottom cleaners.

After you can brighten the tubes with Alumabrite CBX.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar.

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