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How to remove baked on salt from glass windshield


Capt. Jim Davis asked:

I have a 60 ft power boat which I do commercial tours (Whale Watching) in Monterey Bay, California.
My windshields are covered with baked in salt residue.

Do you have a product to rejuvenate my windshields?


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This is a tough one. It all depends on how long the salt has been on the windshields and how hard its been baked on by the hot California sun. The only thing you can do is try several different approaches and if they work, you’re a winner. If not, you have to replace the glass.

In future I strongly recommend that you protect your glass and plastic with Kwik Shine. Kwik Shine will remove fresh salt and leave a protective coating that makes the glass less susceptible to salt attachment as well as act to bead water from the windshield for better visibility, especially during a rain storm or if you are getting waves breaking on the bridge. it’s safe on isinglass, acrylic, polycarbonate as well as glass.

The first product you can try is Kwik Shine. If that doesn’t work, then try to spray and soak the salt with Algex. It’s an acid based cleaner that will cut the salt, providing it’s not too tightly baked on, but will not damage the aluminum or stainless frame. You may still need a razor blade scraper to get the salt off. If that doesn’t work then I’m afraid its “replace the glass”.

Thanks for your question

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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