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How to ReApply Sure Step Next Spring?


Kirk Gifford asked:

I used Sure Step on my deck for the first time this year. It worked great all season, five months. Your product did everything you said it would. My question is, what do I do next spring? Do I clean the old Sure Step off before applying new Sure Step. If so, how do I clean the old Sure Step off?


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When you re-apply Sure Step, it’s necessary to remove any dirt, stains and oxidized Sure Step. Everything on the planet oxidizes or breaks down over time. It’s important to remove any residue before re-applying Sure Step so it can bond to the gelcoat and not the residue.

Scrub with Boat Clean Plus at a 1 to 4 solution with water and rinse clean. Use a Marine Power Mitt on the smooth parts and a deck brush on the textured surfaces. If necessary, use Boat Scrub to remove any scuffs or stains that still remain. Make sure that you rinse clean with water after. Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub are both free rinsing, but the residue must be rinsed off with water for best results. When the decks are perfectly clean, then you can re-apply the Sure Step.

The previous application of Sure Step will still be in the pores to keep it sealed. Anything that you strip off with the cleaners have lost their ability to protect your boat further so it’s better to remove it. If in doubt, it’s better to strip the surface with both Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub. It adheres and protects your boat better if it’s applied to a clean surface.

We make Sure Step and our other polishes and protectors as durable as possible to last, but they are intended to be sacrificial. In other words they will absorb the damage from sun, ozone, abrasion and other pollutants, rather than your boat. They can be re-applied as they deteriorate, usually once a season. This protects your boat from deterioration and keeps it looking new.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

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