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How to protect and shine a brand new RIB


Richard Serman Asked:

Richard Sherman here hope everything is going well for you, thanks again for spending time with us and teaching us about the Aurora products.
I’m going to be applying a few Aurora products to an AB VST24 Inflatable that is brand new and would appreciate your feedback on my little lesson plan that i plan to use to help me do it correctly.

Aurora Marine Products Applied To Brand New Inflatable AB VST 24

Step 1: Preparing tubes for Polyguard application.
Directions: Wet tubes with water apply Speedclean to Marine Power Mitt scrub till clean. Rinse off. Dry with micro fiber cloth.

Step 2: Polyguard application.
Directions: Pour Polyguard onto damp sponge or cloth and apply evenly to the tubes just over lapping the previous line. Allow to dry. Apply second coat.

Allow minimum 24 hours to cure before next step

Step 3: Repelin application to bottom half of tubes.

Directions: Apply Repelinto a damp sponge and apply evenly to the bottom half of the tubes just over lapping the previous line. Allow to dry to haze. Remove haze with a clean microfiber cloth. After 24 hrs. apply 2nd coat & buff to a shine.

Step 4: Preparing fiberglass hull for VS721 Bottom Coat application.

Directions: Clean hull with a combination of Boat Clean Plus & Boat Scrub using the Marine Power Mitt. Rinse off and dry with microfiber cloth.

Surface Must be Clean And Dry Before Next Step.

Step 5: Applying VS721 Bottom Coat to Hull.
Directions: Apply VS721 to a damp sponge or cloth and apply evenly remembering to just over lap the previous line. Making sure that all crevices are coated. Let dry and remove haze with a soft dry cloth.
Apply a 2nd coat after 24 hours.
Allow to cure for 48 hours before launching boat.


For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.

Good to hear from you. It was my pleasure meeting you in Australia. I trust that all is well.

Your plan is perfect except for one detail; since the AB RIB is a brand new boat and has never been in the water, you can probably skip the Boat Scrub step prior to applying VS721. This is a judgment call. Wet the hull with water, spray on Boat Clean Plus and scrub with a Marine Power Mitt. Rinse clean and dry with a microfiber cloth, or chamois, or allow to air dry. At this point, inspect the hull for any traces of pollutants: dirt, scuffs, or an oily surface. Press your thumb or fingers to the hull and push. You should feel resistance and get a squeaking sound. (squeaky clean J ). If it’s clean, proceed to the application of VS721. If there are remaining pollutants, scrub with Boat Scrub, rinse clean and dry as you suggested.

The reason for using Boat Scrub on older or used fiberglass, in addition to cleaning off and smoothing the surface, it will to deep clean the gel coat. Boat Scrub contains Hypexine, a leaching agent, that will remove surface stains and can pull bacteria and dirt out of the pores. If these pollutants are left in the pores, this will help to generate free radicals which can attack the VS721, or other protective coating from below as well as accelerate degradation from UV.

Dirt, bacteria and other pollutants trapped in the pores of a new boat is rarely an issue because the pores on a new boat will still contain some mold release in the pores, thereby sealing it. Mold release agents are intended to be temporary to facilitate the release of the fiberglass from the mold during construction and should not be relied on for any long term sealing or protection properties. VS721 is very durable and in addition to coating and protecting the surface it also seals the pores, protecting against water migration and Boat Pox or Osmosis Blisters and should be applied annually, or more frequently I tropical areas. It’s important protection and cheap insurance for fiberglass boats.

Preparation is 85% of any coating, restoration or protection job and should be given most of your attention. If you get the surface clean, smooth, free of oxidized material and other pollutants, “Aurora Clean”, the protective coating will go on easily and you’ll get a great finished job. If you take shortcuts or skip any of the preparation steps, you will struggle with the polish or coating and wind up with a half assed job. If not remove, oxidation, chalk, stains and streaks will show through. A good polish or clear protector is not intended as a mask to hide imperfections but will instead magnify and enhance the surface below.

We all know what happens when we try to paint over a greasy, dirty and flaky surface or if we use the wrong paint and primer combination. This is why Aurora produces “System Matched” products. If you do it right we guarantee that you will get great professional results that you will be proud of, backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee.

Thanks for your question Richard. It was a good one and well thought out. I would like to post in in our Ask the Skipper blog so that we can share this information with our millions of readers.

Thanks again,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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