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How to prevent heavy algae from attaching to painted aluminum boat


Don Kaiser asked:

I have a brand new bass tracker 175 (last year). We leave it in a slip all year and it got so much algae we had to pull it out twice to powerwash because it wouldn’t even get up on plane. Will your product work on an aluminum painted boat. What should I use to clean it before applying your product?


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You can use Algex to clean the algae and remove any stain from the painted surface. Next scrub the surface with Boat Clean Plus and water. You can use a Marine Power Mitt or a coarse cloth such as a terry towel and rinse well with water. When dry you can apply 2 coats of VS721. This will reduce the attachment and make clean up much easier. You may still get slime on the bottom and if it doesn’t just fall off when running the boat, you can wipe the slime off with a Marine Power Mitt or sponge.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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