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How To Keep Your Boat Shiny For 5 Years!

How Did Henry Keep His Boat So Shiny For So Long?

5 Years Later and She Still Looks Great!

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“Hi, remember me?” came the voice on the phone. “I have the red and white boat you shined up for me 5 years ago and shot a video.” It was Henry.

“Of course, I remember you Henry, and the boat” I replied. “How’s the boat holding up?”

“Oh, it still looks great. But last Year I was very busy so I didn’t use the boat much and didn’t get around to polishing it with the Premium Boat Shine like you told me to do, so it’s gone down a bit. I want to get some more EZ Buff and Premium Boat Shine to bring it back to the way it was. I spent some more money and got a new top and some other stuff. The boat still looks good but I want to bring back the shine the way it was. I got so many compliments on my boat since you did it.”

What? I though. 5 years? And, it still looks great? I knew that the EZ Buff technology that we invented was superior to the old-fashioned rubbing compound and wax system. And, with re-applications of Premium Boat Shine 2 or 3 times a year to keep the UV off, you should be able to get 2 to 3 seasons. But 5 years? Most guys are happy if their buff and wax lasts one season.

Well, a few days after Henry got his supplies, he called me again and asked if I would like to see his boat. “Yes of course.” He brought it by the next day and honestly, I was blown away.

I’ve shared some of the photos I took below, including one from 5 years ago along with the recent photos. Can you tell which is which? OK, the new top is a give away but the hull and deck look like the day it was done 5 years ago!

Henry’s Boat 5 Years Ago Before and After Applying EZ Buff and Premium Boat Shine

Before, 5 Years Ago

After, 5 Years Ago

Same Boat 5 Years Later

Original Boat Restoration From 5 Years Ago

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