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How to do i protect aluminum and stainless bollard lights from corrosion?


Aaron Asked:

I have recently installed some aluminum external bollard lights and 316 stainless steel  garden spike lights. I live near the coast so would like to treat the lights, especially the aluminum ones, to prevent corrosion and wanted to ask whether you would recommend Alumetron for this purpose.


For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks in case you want more information about the products.

Hi Aaron,

Alumetron will protect the aluminum lights from corrosion for years and Stainless Shield will prevent rust and tea stain on the stainless steel, caused by salt air.

There are a few conditions, however:

1. The aluminum and stainless steel must be clean and free of pollutants for the Alumetron and Stainless Shield to adhere properly. If the lights are new and free of corrosion, you can clean the aluminum with Boat Clean Plus. It’s a water-based cleaner / degreaser that is free rinsing so it will not leave a residue like soap or detergent. I suggest that you clean the stainless steel with QuickSilver as, in addition to removing any surface rust, if present, it will also passivate the stainless steel to ensure that the Stainless Shield will adhere properly for long life.

2. Both Alumetron and Stainless Shield will not stand up to high temperatures (above 54 deg C). If the lights are hot, such as from halogen bulbs, these products may not provide the long-life protection you desire. Most modern lights use LED or fluorescent tubes and will not present a problem.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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