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How to Clean Oil and Sludge from an Engine Box?


Patrick O’Boyle Kelly asked:

I have taken my very old inboard Vire engine out . The engine box and bilge is just a mess with old oil and guck. My question is can your Bilge cleaner clean up the Bilge? any suggestions?


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Bilge Bath is an excellent product for this project as it will cut through the sludge as well as the oil, grease and guck. It will also improve the smell. Oxidized oil and grease can give a nasty odor.

I suggest that you get a small, long handled scrub brush, and an old spray bottle. Spray the Bilge Bath onto the area you want to clean and scrub to lift it off the surface, and then rinse it with water. Be environment responsible and contain the effluent so it can be disposed of on land. Do not flush this gunk into the water or dump it onto the ground. If there is a heavy build up in some areas you may want to start by removing as much as you can with a scraper first.

When you get most of it off, repeat the spray onto the area and then agitate it with a paint brush and then rinse again. This should get it squeaky clean and smelling much better.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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