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How to apply VS721 after stripping bottom paint


Paul Lang asked:

I am having the bottom of my 1989 34′ searay sundancer beaded to remove the paint. I would like to use your anti-fouling product instead of re-painting. what further prep will I need to do in order to apply your product. What envirommental conditions are necessary to assure a good bond to the surface when applying this product ( ie temperature, humidity, etc.)


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Application is pretty simple, like applying a liquid wax. Make sure that your bottom is clean and as smooth as possible, you may have to wet sand or compound it to get it back to its original appearance. Then prep the surface by deep cleaning it with Boat Scrub. I recommend using a Power Mitt to make this process easier. After apply a coat of VS721 Bottom Coat with a damp sponge, rubbing it into the pores of the gelcoat to seal it and protect against Osmosis. When it dries to a haze, wipe off the haze with a terry towel. After 24 housrs apply a second coat. Wait 48 hours and you’re done. The process is much easier, faster and safer than re-painting. At the end of the year, clean the hull with a sponge and a bit of Boat Clean Plus and re-apply 2 coats the following spring (prep with Boat Scrub 1st) or you can put on one coat in the fall and the second in the spring.

Ideal temperature is between 50′ and 80′ but the hull temperature is more important than ambient temperature. If the hull feels comforatable to your hand it should be OK to apply the VS721 Bottom Coat. Humidity is not usually a factor unless it is so high that the hull is wet. As long as the hull is dry, the VS721 Bottom Coat will adhere to the surface.


Thanks for your question

Captain Aurora

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