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How much Sure Step for a 45 ft. Leopard?


Fabian Hymas asked:

I am looking to use your sure step product for my nonskid gelcoat on ar+c leopard45 ft catamaran.
My problem is how much do i need?
It covers 200ft2 but i have no idea ft2 or m2 i need!! I was looking to get 2 kits would that be enough or should i be looking to buy gallons???


Nice Boat.

For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.

If you have teak in the cockpit and aft steps then you will probably need 3 kits. 2 kits for the 2 hull decks and 1 for the extended fore deck on that boat. If the aft cockpit and steps are non-skid then I recommend gallons. Sure Step needs to be reapplied about every 6 months so it may be worthwhile buying in gallons anyway, as you’ll have some for the next application. The cleaners that you need, and Sure Step all have a shelf life of 3 years and when you buy in gallons you’ll save about 25%.

If you decide on the gallons, I would recommend:

  • 1 Gallon Boat Clean Plus
  • 1 Gallon Boat Scrub
  • 1 Gallon Sure Step
  • 1 Buffing Wheel and 1 Buffing Wheel Drill Adaptor (2 of each if you’re going to get a friend to help)

The most important part of the process is to get the decks pristine. The 1st coat of Sure Step is the sealer coat and the second the top coat. It’s important to get the decks super clean because you seal the surface and any dirt or stains will remain. That’s why the two cleaners.

Here’s a link to our How to Video to help you along

And a link to some testimonials

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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