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How Much Product to Clean and Polish a 25′ Fiberglass Boat


Jophn Coniglio asked:

No where do you tell how far your products will go. So I don’t know how much to order. I have 25 ft fiberglass boat that I want to clean and polish, inside and out.

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This is a very difficult question because boat conditions vary as well as the skill of the user. On a newer boat of your size that has been well maintained, one bottle of Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub would do the whole boat. On an older boat that has not been looked after, you might need 4 bottles of each. If your boat is average, 2 bottles of each should do. If you have fish blood stain, rust stains, scuff marks, oxidation you will need more. If the upholstery, top or carpets are dirty and stained, you will need more. If it is a sailboat, you will need more Boat Clean Plus if you want to clean and restore the sails.

VS721 Bottom Coat, for the bottom, has a coverage of about 400 sq. ft., Premium Boat Shine, for the hull has a coverage of about 400 sq. ft., Sure Step for the deck, has a coverage of about 200 sq. ft. You need 2 coats of each of these polishes. If the boat is older, these polishes will not go as far. If it is newer, properly prepped with Boat Clean Plus and Boat Scrub and the polishes applied thinly, they will go further. The 2nd coat usually goes further than the 1st, as the 1st coat soaks in to seal the pores in the gelcoat. You will probably use 1 1/2 to 2 bottles of each.

One bottle of Vinyl Guard will probably be enough to do your seats for two or more seasons because one application will last up to 6 months. One kit of Clear View will maintain and protect your Isinglass windows, hatches and port holes for the whole season or maybe longer, because a little goes a long way. Again if the windows are smoked, yellowed or scratched, you may need several kits to restore them and then a little to maintain them.

1 oz of Odor Free for the head, will treat 5 gal. of holding tank capacity and you need to charge the system after each pump out. One jar of Odor Free contains 750g. or about 22 oz. If your boat is older and the tanks filled with sludge or the hoses are smelling from permeation, you will need more to correct these conditions. After, only the recommended amount to maintain a fresh smelling boat. If your boat is average and you only use it on weekends, start with one bottle.

The same thing applies to Bilge Bath for cleaning and freshening your bilges. One bottle should do, unless you have grease, sludge, bad smells or other nasties in your bilge, in which case you will need more to correct the situation.

If you have a stain on the waterline, you will need Waterline Stain Remover. One bottle will remove a 4″ to 6″ stain on most boats of your size, depending on how badly it is set. If the entire bottom is stained, you may need 3 to 4 bottles. If the bottom is covered with Algae, Barnacles or Zebra Mussels, you will need Algae Strip to remove this, 2 to 4 bottles, depending on how bad the ouling is. Use Algex for cleaning marine growth from the prop, outdrive or lower leg of the utboard.

The products that I have mentioned above will make most boats look brand new again. The results you get are more dependant on your skill and attention to detail. If you follow the instructions on the back of the bottles you can get professional results.

Your question is quite vague and general but I hope this answers your question. Plese see other posts in the forum for more detailed nformation.

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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