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How Much Product Do I Need to Clean and Protect Hypalon Tubes?


Serafim G. Mastrodimos asked:

Please let me know the necessary quantities needed in order to clean and protect the Hypalon tubes of my RIB, on the suggested system of Speed Clean, Poly Guard and Repelin. My RIB is a RIBEYE 740ST.


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To clean and protect Hypalon Tubes, you will need 2 to 3 bottles of each, depending on the age and condition of the boat. If the boat is older or stained or has chalking or is quite dirty, you will need more. If the boat is quite new and in good condition, you will require less. I also suggest that you apply Sure Step to the non-skid deck to seal it, protect against UV, make it easier to keep clean and add traction.

Coverage of Poly Guard, Repelin and Sure Step is 200 ft².or 18.6 M². The amount of Speed Clean depends on the condition of the boat. It can be used to clean the tube as well as the fiberglass.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora

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