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How many Square Feet will a Clear View Kit clean and protect?


Jeff Wright asked:

Approximately how many square feet of surface will one of your Clear View Kits clean one time?


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Calculating the coverage of Clear View No. 1, vinyl window cleaner, is difficult because it all depends on the condition of your vinyl windows, Isinglass, Strataglass or port lights or hatches. If the plastic is in rough condition it will take more, if in good condition, less.

The Clear View Kit contains Clear View No. 1, cleaner restorer, and Clear View No. 2 UV protector. The Clear View No. 2, will cover approximately 200 sq. ft. This assumes that the plastic windows have been cleaned and restored to near original condition or that the windows are brand new. The matching Clear View No. 1in the kit should be enough to clean about 200 sq. ft. of windows in average condition. If the windows are opaque, yellowed and a bit sticky or scratched, then more will be required. If the windows are brand new then you will not require any No. 1, only the No. 2 UV protector to prevent sun and abrasion damage and extend the life of the windows.

When used on a regular basis, Clear View No. 2 can double the life of vinyl see through windows, such as Isinglass or Strataglass. We do not recommend the use of the Clear View No. 1 ,cleaner restorer, until the plastic is one year old or more, unless you have some calamity to resolve.

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Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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