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How Does VS721 BOTTOM COAT Compare to Bottom Paint?


Marc Bernier Asked:

How would you rate your product VS721 BOTTOM COAT compared to VC 17? I am racing a Mirage 24 sailboat and most people at the club (including me) use VC17.


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Hi Marc,

In terms of antifouling properties, VS721 Bottom Coat will give you about the same protection as VC17. In terms of performance, VS721 Bottom Coat has been proven on the racecourse. World Championships, National Championships, etc., etc., and has been acknowledged by the racers as been a significant contributing factor to their success.

In addition, some of the benefits of VS721 Bottom Coat are:

  • Works in salt and fresh water.
  • Use on power, sail, trailered boats
  • Protection against algae, barnacles and zebra mussels.
  • Less cost.
  • Easier application.
  • No sanding or scraping.
  • No painting, sanding and burnishing.
  • No toxins or poisons to deal with.
  • No silicones or Teflon.
  • Environment friendly
  • Inert and stable, even at high speeds
  • No environmental concerns when applying or cleaning.
  • Won’t harm fish or other marine life.
  • Reduces spread of non-indigenous species from one body of water to another.
  • No present or future regulatory concerns to deal with.
  • Can be used in all bodies of water, even when antifouling paints are prohibited.
  • You can DIY (Do It Yourself) without a permit or regulatory training.
  • No government restrictions.
  • Clear coating allows you to see the condition of your hull at all times without stripping away the paint.
  • Osmosis protection.
  • Higher top speed.
  • Faster tacking
  • Better acceleration.
  • Better light air performance for sailboats.
  • Improved handling.
  • Inert, will not rub or slough off into the water or onto trailer or slings.
  • Easier to launch and haul trailered boats.
  • Safer when people are swimming near your boat
  • Improved appearance, brilliant shine, clear coating will not change the color of you hull, increased value when you sell or trade your boat.
  • Easier clean up at the end of the season.
  • Apply to all surfaces below the waterline without concerns about galvanic action.

Originally only dinghy sailors were using it to get better light air performance, but more and more sailors are either using it for racing or stripping off their paint because they are fed up with the annual paint ritual or because of restrictions on use and applications in their area. Of course powerboats have been using it for years, both for it’s non-fouling and performance enhancement properties.

It has become very popular with McGregor owners as they are trailered. Some have claimed top speed increases of 2 knots (I still don’t believe them) and also claim that they are smoking J’s and Mirages in club races. (Still hard to believe, but how can you argue with trophies?) VS721 Bottom Coat has been proven on professional race circuits. The largest sailboat that I know of that has used it successfully is a Farr 52.

The greatest number of mono hulled sailors that have reported speed increases claim between 1/4 and 1/2 knot. This seems more realistic.

The big problem with documenting race results is that most racers prefer to keep their performance tricks a secret so that they can continue to maintain their advantage. The information that we have accumulated is documented and you can find out more on our Website, www.auroramarine.com

If you would like to be kept up to date on the latest developments, join the Aurora Marine Club and we will keep you posted.

Thank you for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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