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How does Repelin inhibit marine growth


Howie asked:

What is the main ingredient in Repelin that inhibits marine growth?


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The main ingredient in Repelin is VS721. It’s a proprietary hydrophobic polymer that is more slippery than water. There are no toxins or biocides to kill marine life, instead this super slippery surface makes it difficult for marine growth to attach. Bacterial slime will attach to all surfaces, but keeping it wiped off, from time to time, will keep your boat bottom clean. It’s inert so it doesn’t sough off into the water, making it environment safe.

Other bonuses for using Repelin is that it will seal the pores in fiberglass bottoms on RIB’s against osmosis blisters, the reduced friction on the hull will give your boat better performance and speed and reduce fuel consumption. It’s perfectly clear so it doesn’t change the appearance of your boat.

For guaranteed results, be sure to use Speed Clean and Poly Guard to properly prep the surfaces before applying Repelin.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora

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