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How do I remove the streaks from the Alumetron application



I just finished applying the four coats of Alumetron to my pontoon and I can see some variation on the final coat. I can see the lines from the cloth (lint free 100% cotton dish drying towel) I used to apply the Alumetron. Do you have any suggestions to even out the finish? I was thinking of waxing the toons with automotive wax and then buffing it. What I don’t want to do is buff away the Alumetron.

Any advice and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Eric,

Applying automotive wax and buffing the Alumetron is a bad idea. First of all, automotive wax is not durable enough for the marine environment and is not recommended for use on boats and second the friction from buffing can damage the Alumetron. The only coating or polish recommended for use over Alumetron is VS721. It’s all synthetic, designed for marine use and is self-polishing so no buffing. All you do is wipe on the VS721 and when it dries to a haze, wipe away the haze. Chemistry does the rest.

As far as the streaking issue, that’s an application problem. It could have been caused because one section was partially dried when you applied the next or even from the application cloth. Application must be wet on wet and it’s important not to overwork the Alumetron application by going over it multiple times, as it’s a quick drying product. It’s also important to use a smooth, clean, lint free cloth. We recommend an old T shirt or cotton bead sheet. If the application cloth is textured, it can result in streaks. Some customers have had issues using microfiber cloths (not recommended) and all of my wife’s dish drying towels are textured. I don’t know if this is the issue in your case but it could be one of the causes of the streaks you are getting.

As far as solutions: you can try applying a 5th coat, but only above the waterline. 4 coats are ideal, but in your case, you may be able to smooth out the irregularities with another coat. Do a test first in an inconspicuous spot, such on the inside of the pontoons to make sure this will work for you, before doing the entire pontoon. The other alternative is to strip off the Alumetron with lacquer thinners, clean the lacquer thinners with Boat Clean Plus and re-apply the Alumetron. You can then overcoat the Alumetron with VS721 for added durability, foul release properties and to extend the warranty on the finish to 5 years.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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