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How do I remove fungus from my boat deck


Robert Lance asked :

I recently bought a used boat that had been sitting under some trees and it has some fungus growing on it plus the black spots I assume maybe from the sap. I can clean this off with some simply green but if you look closely you can see the faded black still on the gel coat. What will remove this.


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You can try Boat Scrub or a 50/50 solution of Boat Scrub and Boat Clean Plus. This is what boat manufacturers use to remove difficult stains from gelcoat. Afterwards, leave it exposed to the sun, not under the trees, for a few weeks. The sun can help by naturally bleaching the stains. Be careful about using household or automotive products on your boat as they can cause damage and in some cases will set the stain permanently so you can’t remove it. You can also use Boat Scrub to remove the oxidation and bring the shine back. Use Premium Boat Shine or Sure Step to seal the surface and lock in the shine.

Thanks for your Question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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