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How Do I Remove Fuel Smells from My Fishing Gear?


Dave S. Asked:

How can I remove fuel smell from artificial fishing baits like painted metal spoons and painted plastic rigid baits? Many of these baits also have glow or sparkle tape on them as well.

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Pro fishermen know that fish have an incredible sense of smell and that unless they are extremely hungry, they will avoid bait if the smell is disagreeable. That’s why you sometimes get hits, but not bites. What many of them have been doing is mixing a solution of Boat Clean Plus and water, at a ratio of about 1:1 and keeping it in a small plastic container on their boat.

Prior to casting, they will slosh the artificial bait in the mixture and this is effective at stripping off the human scent, which fish find offensive. For live bait, they will wear gloves, slosh the hook in the solution, rinse it over the side and then bait the hook. One Pro Bass Fisherman claims that his catch has improved 25% and he has moved up through the ratings to consistently place in the top 10 in his division.

Providing that the fuel has not damaged any of the finish or delaminated the adhesive on your lures, you should be able to rescue them using the same product. Prepare a solution of Boat Clean Plus and water at 1:1 and place it in a suitably sized container to hold your lures. You can clean as many lures at a time, as you wish. Allow them to soak for about 20 minutes, while sloshing them around from time to time. Drain the solution and dispose of it. Rinse the lures well with water. Repeat the procedure several times until all of the scent has been removed. Hang the lures on a line to air dry and get exposed to the sun for a couple of days if possible. Your lures should be better than new.

Of course you can use the remaining Boat Clean Plus to clean your bait box or livewell, your knives and for removing salt and grime from your tackle, cutting through fish slime and blood, etc., on your boat. As well as cleaning your boat, it is also effective at removing the smells of fishing which some humans find offensive.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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