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How do I Remove Black Marks from my Boat Hull?


Bernie Grant asked:

I have a 16″ fiberglass boat that has ugly black rubber marks from old trailer rollers. I have removed the rollers and installed bunks but I need to remove the black marks. Can you help?


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Use Boat Scrub on a Marine Power Mitt, or cloth and rub away the scuff marks. It’s easy. You can also find here instructions for lifting your boat off the trailer.

Since you’re lifting the boat and cleaning up the bottom anyway, this is a great time to give your bottom the complete treatment.

To completely clean, restore and protect your boat bottom, first wash it with a 1:4 solution of Boat Clean Plus and water. Use a Marine Power Mitt to reduce labor and get better results.

Remove the scuff marks with Boat Scrub and while you’re at it, deep clean the entire bottom. Use a Marine Power Mitt to reduce labor and get better results. Rinse clean and let dry.

Apply 2 coats of VS721 Bottom Coat. The VS721 Bottom Coat will make it easier to launch and retrieve your boat, especially now that you have gone to bunks. It will seal the bottom against osmosis blisters, reduce marine growth attachment if you leave your boat in the water, make the bottom much easier to clean, reduce fuel consumption and give you better speed and performance.

Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora

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