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How do I protect SS trim tabs from fouling.


What is the difference between VC17 & VS721? Is one more aggressive than
the other? Which one would you use on SS trim tabs? They are completely
bare at this time.

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VC17 is a paint. Its active ingredients are Teflon and Cupric Oxide, plus necessary binders. It works by providing a slick surface, which helps prevent attachment of marine fouling, plus toxins which kill marine life that comes close to it or contacts it. The heavy metals can cause corrosion of dissimilar metals like stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, etc.

VS721 Bottom Coat is a clear polymer coating that is applied like a liquid polish. Its active ingredient is VS721 Bottom Coat polymer. It works by providing a super slick surface, more slippery than Teflon, which prevents marine life from attaching. There are no toxins or heavy metals. It is more slippery than water and therefore makes it very difficult for marine life to attach. Test have proven that it will reduce the drag on the hull by 16% at 20 mph. There are no heavy metals so there is no difficulty with corrosion or pitting of your trim tabs.

Both will provide about the same antifouling properties. If you use the VC17, you will need to protect your trim tabs against galvanic corrosion by painting them with a special primer or barrier coat to prevent electrolysis, and there is still a good chance that the paint will strip off from the abrasion of the water.. If you use the VS721 Bottom Coat, you can apply it directly to the tabs, without concern about corrosion form the polymer coating. It has been proven on race boats to stick at speeds up to 145 mph and it will not discolor your trim tabs.

I have used the VS721 Bottom Coat on my SS trim tabs since 1992 and they are like brand new. I would suggest VS721 Bottom Coat over VC17 for your application. It’s easier, faster to apply, safer, less expensive, won’t cause corrosion and is more esthetically pleasing, because they will remain stainless.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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