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How do I keep my boat from smelling in the spring?


Bill Broderick asked:

I pump out my holding tank and flush antifreeze into the holding tank when I winterize my boat but in the spring the whole boat reeks. The smell seems to be coming from the toilet in the head. Is there anyway I can prevent this or seal the system so it doesn’t smell up the boat? The smell gets into the upholstery and carpeting and the boat isn’t very pleasant to be in.

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The Aurora Fall Lay-Up Cocktail should cure your problem. Because your tank, hoses and mechanical parts of your toilet have not been sanitized, bacteria remains in the system. When the warm weather returns, they reactivate and that’s what is causing the smell.

To make the cocktail, mix 8 oz. of Aurora Odor Free with about ½ gallon of plumbers antifreeze. After your final pump out, preferably while your boat is still in the water, pour about ½ into the toilet and flush it into the tank. Repeat the procedure. Do not use the head after this procedure.

This should be sufficient to coat the inside of the hose and contact parts in the toilet. The rocking of the boat during its last trip and haul out will slosh the mixture around in the tank and coat it. The mixture will neutralize the bacteria and cause it to be inactive until diluted with sufficient water or waste.

In the spring, recharge your head, following the directions on the bottle and the smell will no longer exist. Regular use of Aurora Odor Free will keep your head odor free and reduce the source of the problem.

Thanks for your question.

Captain Aurora

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