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How do I Keep Mice and Other Vermin Off My Boat?


During the winter, I keep my boat covered with a tarp, on a trailer. Last winter mice got on my boat and ate the insulation on the wires and chewed on some of the vinyl cushions. My Insurance Company does not cover this and it was expensive to get my boat rewired and the seats replaced. How do I keep these critters off my boat?

Barry Rhumsey

Mice and other vermin love to chew on vinyl and most Insurance Policies don’t cover this type of damage.

Critters hate the smell of Naphthalene, so a good solution is to put a handful of mothballs in an old margarine container, use a pencil to punch holes in the container. Place several on your boat, under the tarp. Depending on the size of your boat, place containers in your cabins, one on the deck and one in the center of the cockpit and in some cases one in your engine compartment.

The slight smell you get in the spring will vanish in a day or two after you remove the tarp.

I’ve been using this system for years with great success. Vermin were invading my neighbors boats but leaving mine alone.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora

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