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How Do I Get a Showroom Shine on My 2002 Larson?


Austin Allan asked:

I have a 2002 Larson 210 SEI that I use on Lake Erie. When not in use, I keep it out of the water on a trailer. I pride myself in taking good care of it. What I am looking for are products, either wax or polish and/or cleaners, that will protect it and to bring out a showroom shine.
I tried to get advice from marine stores (i.e.: Boaters World / West Marine) but I usually end up with some 16-17yr old kid, who knows nothing about boating, trying to sell me with some line like… “I use it on my boat!”
I assume you are professionals. Do you have any recommendations for products that will create a smooth slick look for my boat. I have used other cleaners and waxes but have not found any that are truly impressive.


For your convenience, I’ve highlighted the hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to get more information about the selected product.

Unfortunately your experience is quite common. That’s why this forum exists. It’s hard to get good “How To” advice based on proven results and backed by a guarantee of performance. Aurora Marine Industries is dedicated to providing the best boat care products possible and have gained a reputation for manufacturing the best available. Many topics in the forum relate to Aurora products because that is what I have had the best experience with. Generic questions make refrence to generic or other brand products.

The Aurora Boat Care Products that you may be interested in for your boat are: Boat Clean Plus, Boat Scrub, Premium Boat Shine, VS721 Bottom Coat, Sure Step, Vinyl Guard and Kwik Shine. You can find detailed information on these and other products in our On-Line Product Catalogue where you can select the products that will be most relevant to your boat and boating lifestyle. Check the Store Locater for and Authorized Aurora Dealer near you or you can buy on-line if there are none close to you.

For more detailed information, be sure to check out other question in the Ask the Skipper forum, posted by other boat owners like yourself, to see if there are any topics that might be helpful to you.

As for the WOW factor, read what other Boat Owners have to say, in the Aurora Product Catalogue. At a recent boat show, I met and talked to a boat owner that has only used Aurora on her boat since it was new 18 years ago. She was delighted to report that her boat looked like the day she bought it. When she showed me a picture of her pride and joy all I could say was WOW! OK, she also looked great in her bikini.

Quality boat manufacturers, Larson included, now recommend Aurora Boat Care Products. Aurora Premium Boat Shine is a once a year polish that gives you a great shine, is easy to use (self polishing) and because it’s synthetic and does not contain Carnauba wax it will not get greasy or yellow your boat. VS721 Bottom Coat will keep you bottom clean, make launching and hauling your boat easier, stop osmosis blisters, improve performance and speed and reduce fuel consumption. Sure Step is ideal for deck areas and swim platforms because it seals and protects the surface without making the area slippery. Kwik Shine is great if you like to detail your boat on a regular basis. It’s Kwik and easy and gives you an incredible shine. Vinyl Guard protects your seats against suntan oil, UV, dirt and stains all season long and it’s not greasy or slippery.

I hope this helps. Detailing your boat is a Labor of Love, but with the right products it doesn’t have to be a Love of Labor.

Thanks for you question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

*Larson is a trademark of Larson Boats / Genmar Industries.

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