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How do I clean and polish Metalflake?


Richard Tomkievich Asked

I have 10 fiberglass paddle boats with the metal flake and I need to know what I should use to clean and polish them thank you


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Hi Richard,

It all depends on the condition of the metal flake and what you’re trying to clean.

If you have marine growth, use Green Genie. If you have water stain or waterline stain, then use Waterline Stain Remover. If the gelcoat is still in good condition, you can wash the surface with Boat Clean Plus, remove the oxidation and shine it up with Boat Scrub and a Marine Power Mitt and protect the shine with Premium Boat Shine. (These products are available in our Shiny Boat Kit, but if you have 10 boats, you will probably want to order gallons).

If the metalflake is older and has not been properly protected and is rough to the touch because the clear gelcoat has eroded and the metallic particles are on the surface, the best you can do is replace the Premium Boat Shine with Kwik Shine. Premium Boat Shine can last all season but you will need to re-polish with Kwik Shine about once a month to maintain the shine and keep up the UV protection. Kwik Shine is easier to apply. It’s a spray and wipes product. Spray it on, rub it in with a sponge and wipe away the haze when it dries.

Deterioration of clear gelcoat, protecting the metallic particles in the metalflake products is a common problem. The reflective properties of the metallic flakes cause UV to reflect from the bottom as well as direct from the sun on the top so breakdown is more rapid. Most people don’t realize this and neglect to provide adequate UV protection until it’s too late. Refinishing clear gelcoat is expensive and does not last very long. It’s important to maintain good UV protection on metalflake boats right from the time they are brand new.

Thanks for your question

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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