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How Do I Apply Alumetron to Protect My Pontoons Against Stains and Algae?


Jerry M ​asked:

I have a pontoon boat that is pretty clean just coming out of winter storage. We are going to put the boat in a dock for the summer and I want to protect it the best I can so fall clean up isn’t as hard.

I purchased Boat Clean Plus to clean it once and then apply Alumetron to the toons. Do I power wash it first with just water and then just spray the Boat Clean Plus on and just let it dry or spray off with power washer again? Then I apply the Alumetron on and the just let it dry also or spray off with power washer again? Also would it help to apply VS721 at the end?

Help please.


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Alumetron clear coat bonds chemically to aluminum and when overcoated with VS721 Fouling Release Coating can last up to 10 years. It comes with a 3 year warranty. That’s why most boat owners buff their pontoons with Alumabuff first to restore the factory new finish, before sealing and protecting them. If you don’t care what the pontoons look like, as long as their protected, then you can apply the Alumetron to clean dry aluminum and once that cures, apply VS721 over the Alumetron.

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Also, here are some links to our YouTube videos on the subject:

All the directions for use are on each bottle.

Boat Clean Plus is a water activated Cleaner Degreaser and is used as a final cleaner before applying Alumetron. You need to remove any pollutants and marine growth first otherwise Alumetron won’t stick to the surface. Wet the surface first, spray on some Boat Clean Plus, scrub the surface well and then rinse clean with a pressure washer or garden hose. Alumetron is applied in long even, wet on wet strokes and left to dry and cure. See the video above.

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Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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