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How can I stop the stainless steel on my boat from rusting?


John Tolley asked:

How can I stop the stainless steel on my boat from rusting? I’m in Florida. I use your Boat Scrub to clean the rust. It does a great job. Then I protect the stainless with wax but the rust keeps coming back and it also stains the fiberglass.  Do you have a solution?


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This is a common problem with Stainless Steel from salt air, or if it gets splashed with salt water. This happens in coastal areas on boats and architectural stainless steel all over the world. Salt de-icing fluids also cause rusting on stainless steel further inland. The salt coating prevents oxidation at the surface which is necessary to maintain the stainless in a passive state. As soon as the metal becomes active again, it begins to rust.

Cleaning or removing the rust is only part of the solution. You also need to re-passivate the metal, otherwise even minute traces of rust, remaining in any crevices, will act as a seed to start the rusting process all over again, even if it’s protected with wax or polish. Unfortunately, the traditional method of passivation; sending the stainless pieces to a plant where it’s dipped in hot acid, is not always convenient or practical.

Aurora Marine has invented Quick Silver, which is a combination Cleaner and Passivator, allowing you to thoroughly clean the Stainless Steel and Passivate it without having to remove the Stainless Steel. You simply brush or wipe the Quick Silver on the rusty stainless, wait 15 to 20 minutes and rinse it clean. It’s even safe to use on fiberglass to remove the rust stains. Although a new invention, it’s already proven to be effective on boats as well as architectural Stainless Steel on buildings.

Quick Silver Testimonial

Afterwards, you can protect your Stainless Steel against future rusting by applying two coats of Stainless Shield. It’s a clear coat that you apply by wiping on and allowing to dry. Stainless Shield can protect your Stainless Steel against future rusting for up to 5 years.

Here’s another thing that I cleaned & protected with Stainless Shield in less than 10 minutes. Nice! -Richard Sherman, Australia

Thank you for your question,

Captain Aurora

Richard Kittar

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