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How can I protect my new pontoons against staining and corrosion?


Pat asked:

Have a new 20′ pontoon. What product should be applied to pontoons before I put in the fresh water lake and how much product do I need to order? Also, Is this a one-time coverage for a certain # of yrs.?


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Providing that the pontoons are not stained or streaky then all you have to do is to wash them thoroughly with Boat Clean Plus to remove any pollutants from the manufacturing process and then apply Alumetron. After the Alumetron cures, apply VS721 to give you better resistance to abrasion and marine fouling and to make maintenance and clean up much easier.

This combination can last up to 10 years (VS721 needs to be reapplied each spring) and it comes with a 3 year warranty that is extended to 5 years if you use the VS721.

This How To Video may help:

This calculator will help you determine the quantities you need: Click Here

Since your boat is new, you may also wish to protect the vinyl seats in your boat against UV, suntan lotion, food and beverage spills and stains with the EZ Vinyl Care Kit.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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