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How Can I My Get My Fenders Really Clean?


Tom Christopher asked:

What do you recommend for boat fenders? Most of the real bad stuff comes off, but still have blackish stains that wont clean up with simple green etc.

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Boat Scrub does a great job of cleaning fenders. Use it full strength from the bottle and scrub away the dirt and grime with an Aurora Scrub Mitt or aggressive cloth, like a piece of carpeting or terry towel. A scrub brush can also be used, especially to get in around ridges, nooks and crannies. If the grime is really ground in, pre-wet the fender with Boat Clean before cleaning with Boat Scrub.

Two coats of Vinyl Guard, after you have cleaned and rinsed your fenders, will put a protective polish on them that will restore the shine and help resist dirt in the future.

Thanks for your question,

Captain Aurora
Richard Kittar

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