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Does Sure Step get slippery when the decks are wet


Bob Pone asked:

The Aurora Sure Step to my knowledge is the only product that offers Gel-Coat protection on areas where people walk. I’ve gone to several marine stores and asked if they knew of a product that would protect the gel-coat from oxidization. The answer was no, they said it would be dangerous to use any product on a boat deck because it will be very slippery when wet.

Does Aurora Sure Step protect the deck and at the same time be stable for crew members from slipping when wet?

I just purchased Aurora’s product Boat Scrub and Sure Step

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The best way to answer your question is to tell you what other boat owners think about Sure Step. Following are some of their comments:

“Before, the non-skid would seem to suck up dirt, and I would have to scrub it every time I walked on it. Sure Step certainly does what you say it does. It was not slippery at all. When I rinsed my foot prints, they just went away.”

“You have saved me a ton of work. I was going to refinish the topsides of this boat. I will not have to do that now. Sure Step has brought back that factory new glow.” – S.K.

“The boating community has been sadly lacking a good product to protect non-skid that keeps it non-skid!”

“Your product is tops! Applied Boat Clean Plus, Boat Scrub & Sure Step Polish per instructions; results are super. Have recommended product to many other boaters in marina.” -E.T

“Wanted you to know that I am very impressed with your ‘Sure Step‘ product. It made old non-skid look new without slipping. I have recommended it to many in our harbor including the dealer.” – BS

“We sailed this past weekend in the pouring rain in 20KTS with the boat heeled often past 20 degrees. The product performed as advertised. No slipping at all.” – Fred

You mentioned that you purchased Boat Scrub and Sure Step. I suggest that you also use the Boat Clean Plus, for guaranteed results. It’s imperative to get your decks in pristine condition before applying Sure Step, otherwise the product may fail to perform as advertised. That’s why we recommend pre-cleaning with both cleaners before application, especially for first time application.

It’s surprising how many marine dealers do not keep abreast of new technology. Many still recommend soap, rubbing compound and Carnauba wax as the best way to clean and protect your hull, even though that technology is as old as wooden boats. It seems that they are only interested in selling boats and have no interest in service. Sure Step has been on the market for over 5 years now and has been a very successful product.

If you apply it right we guarantee that you will like it, or you get your money back.
Thanks for your question,
Captain Aurora

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